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Rebrand your business for a new way of operating

Let us dig you out of the rut you’re stuck in and bring your business back to life because PRINT’S NOT DEAD!

It’s time to EVOLVE with your business before you go EXTINCT!

Go from being a reactive to proactive operator.

Reactive is getting an order, putting energy into it, only then taking the next and the next.

Proactive is being ahead of the workflow, being organised to create the time to source bigger and better work as well as finding the time to network or put on staff.

About Us

Founded in 2017, Signosaur operates under the expertise of both a graphic designer and an in-house sign creator. Together, these influences create products that are both practically sound and visually outstanding.

Through our carefully constructed products we wish to leave lasting impressions. That is why our motto is, “Be seen and not forgotten.” We wish to help our clients achieve the best lasting product possible, therefore we offer a complete Print and Signage Management Service. This starts right from helping our clients choose which signage is right for them, through to the installed, or delivered, end-result. If they are unsure of how they wish to best visually represent their brand, Signosaur offers expert guidance to help realise their goals.

At Signosaur, our personal and direct approach creates a comforting environment where customers are guided through each step, assisting them to achieve the best results possible.

From the smallest of business cards to the biggest of building signage, Signosaur will make your message ROAR!

Receive the tools to a better work/life balance while still working for yourself.

Digital Workspace

At Signosaur, we have revolutionised job management with our use of a web-based project management application that replaces traditional paper trails. Our franchisees gain access to their own dedicated digital production board, ensuring seamless job tracking and efficient workflow management.

With a digital production board, every team member can instantly see the status of each job, from initial order to final delivery, all at the click of a button. This streamlined process not only enhances productivity but also provides transparency and accountability, empowering our franchisees to manage their business with ease and precision.

Powered By Automation

In addition to a digital production board, Signosaur leverages a suite of advanced automations to ensure no job is ever overlooked. Our automated systems handle everything from approval documents to managing the production and installation queue, providing a seamless and efficient workflow.

These automations ensure every task is completed on time and to the highest standard, reducing manual errors and freeing up valuable time for our franchisees. With these robust tools, Signosaur guarantees each job is meticulously tracked and managed, delivering consistently exceptional results.

Signodraw logo

Graphic Design Team At Your Fingertips

Signosaur franchisees benefit from the expertise of our Head Office’s dedicated design team, eliminating the need to hire their own. As part of their contract, franchisees gain continuous access to professional design and marketing services for an affordable monthly fee. This ensures easily accessible high-quality designs for their clients, as well as consistent branding and promotional materials for their store.

This allows franchisees to focus on growing their print and signage production business while Head Office handle the creative aspects. This streamlined approach not only reduces overhead costs but also guarantees top-notch design and marketing support tailored to each franchise’s unique needs.

Opportunity to Access the Signosaur Collective

At Signosaur, our franchisees operate collaboratively within a supportive network. Depending on their production capacity, franchisees can outsource specific tasks to other franchisees who have the necessary equipment. For example, if a customer orders flags and one franchise lacks the required printer, they can seamlessly delegate the task to another franchisee with the capacity to fulfill it. This cooperative approach ensures every job is completed efficiently and to the highest standard, allowing franchisees to optimise their resources and maintain customer satisfaction.

We take pride in our accomplished team of professionals comprising designers, printers, manufacturers, and installers. Working seamlessly together, our team ensures client projects evolve from conceptualisation to the finished product. Our personal and direct approach assists our clients to achieve the best results possible. There’s nothing we can’t do.

Commitment To Our Community

Exclusive Territory

Unlock your potential with Signosaur’s exclusive franchise territories. Enjoy the benefits of a protected market area, ensuring you maximise your business opportunities without local competition.

Training & Onboarding Support

Start strong with Signosaur’s comprehensive training and onboarding program. We provide you with the knowledge, tools, and ongoing support needed to succeed from day one.

Proven Business Model

Signosaur’s proven business model is designed to deliver consistent results, ensuring your franchise flourishes in any market.

Growth Opportunities

Embrace endless possibilities for expansion and revenue growth. With Signosaur, you’re not just buying a franchise; you’re investing in a future of unlimited potential.

Technology & Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with Signosaur’s cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. We equip you with the latest tools and software to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and drive business growth.

Marketing Support

Amplify your reach with our expert marketing support. Signosaur provides you with professional marketing materials to effectively promote your business and attract customers.


To become a Signosaur Franchisee, you must either:

1. Already have a print or signage company and want to rebrand as a Signosaur and become part of the team

2. Have the experience but don’t have your own shop, but want to build one

Please note, No industry experience unfortunately makes you ineligible for this opportunity.


A larger territory to feed the herd with more staff and machinery. You’re prepared to eat the competition and to handle additional tasks from smaller-scale habitats using your higher-capacity shop.


A smaller-scale habitat with a handful of members, designed to optimise your work/life balance and equip you to efficiently sink your teeth into your venture while fostering camaraderie among our pack-feeding community.

Business Broker

Rebrand your brokerage approach to offer maximum customer satisfaction, surrounding yourself with experienced operators.


Already have a print or signage company and want to rebrand as a Signosaur and become part of the team?

To rebrand and set your shop up as a Signosaur Franchisee, there will be a $49,800 + GST no* signing fee with monthly ongoings.

*limited time offer

Have the experience but don’t have your own shop, but want to build one?

To help set up your shop, we offer packages starting at $49,800 + GST with monthly ongoings.

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Step 3

We confirm your business type and eligibility

Step 4

We road map your business and forecast

Step 5

We give you the tools and welcome you to the digital era!

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